Who we are:

Ducas Bike, established in 2008, seeks to serve as a treasure box that unites all cycle enthusiasts. Our dedication in providing the best quality of bicycle parts is framed by the passion we have for bicycles. It is that passion motivates us to strive for excellence. We Ducas Bike, have a wide variety of exceptional products ranging from a vintage bicycle parts and accessories to the modern industrial elegance of complete bikes. It is our goal and mission to satisfy customers with the best quality we have to offer.

While most bicycle companies focus on the intensity of competitive cycling, we, Ducas Bike, wish to share the enjoyment of casual cycling. It is one of the most important ideologies that Ducas Bike holds and wishes to spread. Our intensity-free and elegant bicycles includes fixed gear, single speed, and classical city bikes. It is our upmost privilege to provide the best biking experience possible here at Ducas Bikes.

Our specialty:

Parts, Accessories and Complete Bicycles for

> Fixed gear bicycles              > Single speed bicycles

> City bicycles                          > Low rider bicycles

> Custom made bicycles


To Contact: 



   Taipei office:

   No. 15, Houzhouzi, Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan

   Tel: +886 2 28013855~6       Fax: +886 2 28010838

    E-mail: main.ducas@gmail.com



           Corner of our sample room in Taiwan office






Our Team members (Taiwan):

ducas-sales manager  

  smiley Benson (Sales Dept)     E-mail: benson.ducas@gmail.com



  devil Mandy (PO Dept)         E-mail: mandywu.ducas@gmail.com



  crying Carry (Shipping Dept)    E-mail: assis2.ducas@gmail.com


   and more staffs (they don't want to take photos) are here to serve you smileywinklaughblushcheeky ducas officer